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Color Match Chart

Diaper Fabric Direct offers this color match chart to coordinate your sewing. Click here to view PUL color chart.

Please note** some of the products listed below are only available through our retail store, Diaper Sewing Supplies, please check product listings.  In general, if an item has the same color NAME, it will match or blend well, or is the closest match available. The Fold Over Elastic is dyed to match our PUL Fabric, but there can be some variation among dyelots and how dye takes to different materials. The Snaps (available through Diaper Sewing Supplies only) are made by KAM are the KAM color codes. We have listed the most similar snap color, which may not be an exact match.

Color Swatch    PUL  Foldover Snaps Other
pul-turquoise.jpg Turquoise PUL Turquoise FOE B8 is darker,
B46 is close

Turquoise Birdseye AWF;
Turquoise Minky is a bit lighter

 pul-pool-blue.jpg Pool PUL  Pool FOE B59  
 pul-6-jade.jpg Jade PUL Jade FOE B29  
pul-green.jpg Green PUL Green FOE B51  
 pul-ribbit.jpg Ribbit PUL  Ribbit FOE

B44 is a shade
lighter, blends

pul-olive.jpg Olive Green PUL      
pul-butter.jpg Butter PUL

Butter FOE


Butter Microfleece
(a bit brighter)

pul-yellow.jpg Yellow PUL Yellow FOE B7  Yellow Minky
pul-orange2.jpg Orange PUL Orange FOE B55 Orange Birdseye AWF

Watermelon PUL



pul-red.jpg Red PUL Red FOE B54

Red Touchtape;
Red Microfleece

pul-sugarplum.jpg Plum PUL   B34  
pul-purple.jpg Purple PUL   B35  
pul-raspberry.jpg Raspberry PUL Raspberry FOE B47 is lighter,
but best
available snap

Raspberry Birdseye AWF;
Pink Minky is brighter and lighter

pul-violet.jpg Violet PUL Violet FOE B41  
pul-bubblegum.jpg Bubblegum PUL Bubblegum FOE  B47 is close

Bubblegum Microfleece;
Pink Minky is a bit brighter

pul-pink.jpg Pink PUL Pink FOE B18 Pink Microfleece;
Pink Birdseye AWF
pul-22-orchid.jpg Orchid PUL      
pul-light-blue.jpg Light Blue PUL   B20 Light Blue Touchtape;
Light Blue Microfleece
pul-medium-blue.jpg Blue PUL      
pul-royal.jpg Royal Blue PUL Royal Blue FOE B16 Blue Touchtape is a bit
brighter but blends OK
pul-navy.jpg Navy Blue PUL Navy Blue FOE  B2 Navy Microfleece
pul-30-dark-brown.jpg Chocolate PUL Chocolate FOE B6 Chocolate Microfleece
pul-black.jpg Black PUL Black FOE B5

Black Touchtape;
Black Microfleece;
Black Birdseye AWF;
Black Minky

pul-32-gray.jpg Slate Gray PUL Slate Gray FOE B39

Gray Microfleece is a bit darker;
Gray Birdseye AWF is a bit lighter;
Gray Minky is a bit lighter

pul-white.jpg White PUL White FOE B3

White Touchtape;
White Microfleece;
White Suedecloth;
White Birdseye AWF;
White Minky

 bamboo-velour.jpg    Vanilla FOE  B37

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and Cotton Fabrics