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Absorbent Fabric

Absorbent Fabric

There are two main types of diaper fabrics: absorbent fabric and waterproof PUL fabric. Absorbent fabrics are almost all made from natural fibers. Our fabrics are all CPSIA compliant.

Absorbent fabric weights in gsm (grams per square meter), from heaviest to lightest:

400 gsm Bamboo Heavy Fleece
350 gsm Hemp French Terry
340 gsm Hemp Fleece, Microfiber Terry
300 gsm Bamboo Double Loop Terry
280 gsm Bamboo Fleece, Bamboo French Terry, Organic Cotton French Terry
260 gsm Bamboo Velour

This is a measure of how heavy a fabric is, NOT how thick it is - Bamboo French Terry is thinner than Bamboo Fleece for instance, but this does give a rough absorbency comparison.